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Is it safe to take Barkeit tablets?

Q: My gynaecologist has prescribed Barkeit tablets, which contain the guaifenesin substance to improve my cervical mucus. But 2 days after taking it, I experience dryness in my vagina. Is it safe to take these drugs? This leads to a painful intercourse. Please help.

A:Guaifenesin is claimed to be an expectorant that increases the volume and reduces the viscosity of sputum. It is an ingredient in some cold and cough remedies sold over the counter (OTC) and does not need doctors prescription. Though possible on purely theoretical grounds, there is no scientifically proven evidence that it has similar effect on the vaginal/cervical mucus. In fact your experience shows the opposite; instead of increasing the volume, it has actually reduced it. When used over prolonged periods, guaifenesin can cause urinary stones because of its breakdown metabolite that is cleared via kidney. Safety is one issue; equally important is efficacy. Why use it if it does not work?


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