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Is it safe to have so many scans during pregnancy?

Q: My wife is 9 months pregnant now. She was anti-cardiolipin (ACL) positive earlier (more than 120) due to which she had a miscarriage in the 3rd month of pregnancy. Now it is under control. She is using Ecosprin 75 mg one pill a day from her 3rd month and was given lot of hormone injections Proluton 500 mg injections (she took till her 5th month), Gestin. Doctors have taken 6 scans on her till now, out of which two are Colour Doppler (to find out what is the weight and blood circulation to the fetus). All scans confirmed that every thing is normal. My question is how safe is to have so many scans during pregnancy? Will it have any affect on the baby?

A:In your case scans were required to see the growth of the fetus and blood supply (Colour Doppler). The scans will not have any adverse effect on the baby.


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