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Is it safe to get injected with Pregnyl during pregnancy?

Q: I am a 27 years old female into my third month of pregnancy. As per the doctor's instructions, I am taking folic acid, Duphastone (daily 2 tablets) and getting injected with Pregnyl 5000 every week. I feel very tired and usually vomit after taking this injection. Would Pregnyl injection have adverse effects on my baby?

A:Folic acid is recommended in all pregnancies and is safe. Duphaston is a progesterone which supports pregnancy. Pregnyl is a hormone that supports pregnancy. It is recommended extensively by most doctors from the Indian subcontinent in the belief that these support any pregnancy from existing and potential threats. It is not recommended in the West because the benefits and safety are not established by clinical trials. At the same time, please note that no side effects have been found. This may sound paradoxical but this is how modern medicine works. Very high quality clinical trials are required by western workers. In developing countries, doctors believe that it is better to salvage all pregnancies and this approach is logical as well.


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