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Is it safe to continue IV fluids?

Q: My 33 years old wife is two and a half months pregnant. She has a history of missed abortion. She is unable to eat anything due to repeated vomiting and requires IV fluid almost every week. The condition has been declared as hyperemesis gravidarum. Is there any treatment for this? How long will she take to recover? Should we continue with IV fluid?

A:Some women have this problem till 12 weeks of pregnancy and in others it may continue till 16/ 20 weeks. Iv fluids have to be given if condition demands it. Antiemetics like odansetron are helpful. B.Complex viatmins should also be administered. I am sure the doctor has ruled out other conditions leading to vomiting (medical conditions, especially hepatitis). Some women having twin or triplet preganncy have increased vomiting. Scan would have ruled that out. It is important to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance. If she is not diabetic she can try sips of glucose d with a ash of lime (these days it is flavored), oral rehydration salt, and elecyral powder.


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