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Is it safe to consume herbal products with thyronorm?

Q: Does the intake of herbal products like Withania, Somnifera extract, Asparagus, Racemosus extract, Asparagus, Adscendens extract, Spirulina platensis extract, Hordeum vulgars extract, Pueraria tuberosa extract increase thyroid problems in a thyroid patient who is already taking Thyronorm 50 mg on daily (1 tablet) bases. Please provide information on this. Do the above herbal contents react with thyronorm mg tablets increasing the risk of thyroid disease?

A:Trans-system medication involving modern and Ayurvedic agents is always a problem. There is scientific data on the interaction between thyroxine (Thyronorm) and at least 40 other medicines ranging from antacids to calcium carbonate to antidepressants. However there is no data on interaction with non-allopathic agents. One has to keep in mind that there is strong possibility of interaction because many allopathics medicines are indeed extracted from plants such as quinine, digitalis etc. It is because of these problems that in 1996, Supreme Court had prohibited allopathic doctors from prescribing agents belonging to other systems.


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