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Is it possible to change the position of a breech baby?

Q: Is it true that the homeopathic remedy pulsatilla can turn breech babies head-down? I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and this is my first child and the baby is in breech position. Someone suggested taking pulsatilla to make the baby turn head down. Will it help? Does exercise help?

A:I am a practitioner of allopathic medicine, and therefore, cannot comment on this homeopathic drug. Regarding exercise, it is not going to help at this stage. Even if you were just 32 or 34 weeks pregnant, I would say it is advisable not to over exercise. If the bag of water ruptures accidentally, there would be the risk of cord prolapse (umbilical cord coming out). This would cause a serious problem for your baby’s survival. Those babies who are in breech presentation would turn on their own if they have to. The only advice we give to women with breech babies at around 32-34 weeks is to lie with the foot end of the bed raised by 10- 12 inches. It is believed this helps the baby to turn around on his own.


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