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Is it OK to discontinue Metformin if the sugar levels are normal?

Q: My fasting blood sugar ranges between 120 to 144 mg% but PPBS has not increased beyond 170 mg% for the past one year. I have been prescribed Metformin 500. I discontinued it due to uneasiness and mild headache. I feel fine without medication and I am on Aspirin 150mg for the past 8 years. I go for a walk everyday for one hour. I don't follow a strict diet. Please advise about the discontinuation of Metformin and continuation of Aspirin. I was prescribed Tenormin 25mgs and Amlodopine 2.5, eight years back. I discontinued these and my blood pressure is normal for the past 5 years.

A:For diabetes mellitus, American Diabetes Association has put up some targets. The most important issue is to keep the levels under target with medications or without medications. Metformin is a very good medicine as it takes care of the underlying problem of insulin resistance and in the long term seems to be very useful. The targets are as follows- 1. FBG 80-120 mg/dl 2. PPBG <180 mg/dl 3. Hb1ac or Glycosylated Hb <7%, this test tells about the average control of blood glucose in last three months and should be done every three months. 4. BP <139/80 4. LDL- Cholesterol <100 mg/dl You can decide about Metformin after getting HbA1c level if <7% then no need for metformin. Continue with aspirin as it protects the heart.


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