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Is it normal to have short cervix?

Q: I am a 30 years old woman pregnant for 21 weeks pregnant and my ultrasound report reveals that my maternal cervix is 2.9 cm. The doctor has advised me to take rest. Is it normal to have short cervix? Will it result in premature delivery?

A:Firstly, the report may not be accurate, it can be repeated with more tests like cervical length, ant uterine wall thickness (lower segment) and internal os diameter. If all these reveal an abnormal shortening or opening of the cervix, you may need to consider measures like a cervical stitch to prevent an early labour. This would need pre-medication with uterine relaxants. Twenty-one weeks is a little late for stitch application, and more precautions to prevent pregnancy loss like rest, avoiding weights and sex would also help.

If the report is just a mild shortening (normal length being 3.5-4cms) with no opening of os, then only rest, progesterones, and simple measures could be tried. A repeat test is essential, as the measurement needs to be taken at an appropriate angle getting the full cervical length, before declaring it short. If previous history of pregnancy loss is positive, then, stitch must be applied.


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