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Is it normal to bleed profusely after caesarean delivery?

Q: I am a 35 years old hyperthyroid female. I underwent a caesarean delivery three months back. Initially, I had very less bleeding for 10 days but then it started with heavy flow and the doctor prescribed a medicine called Trapic to slow down the flow. I could not bear the side effect of that medicine and stopped taking the pills. The bleeding stopped but a yellowish flow continued for 10 days then it again started to bleed with high flow. The flow stopped after five days then again after 3 or 4 days, I started bleeding. The doctor prescribed me Duoluton L to normalise the flow. But earlier my periodic cycle was very normal. But once I took Ovral G and had vomiting. Should I continue taking Duoluton L? My doctor did the internal check up and told that the uterus has come to the normal size. Please tell me what’s wrong with me? Is it normal to bleed profusely after caesarean delivery?

A:You need to get examined and checked out for any genital tract infection or urinary infection, which could explain all the problems you are having. A high cervical / vaginal swab, ultrasound, urine routine and culture examination would give a clue to the site of infection. Treatment depending on organism grown would need to be started. Infection after caesarean is the most common cause of prolonged heavy bleeding and yellow discharge and it always needs to be excluded. A course of antibiotics (for 7-10 days) like cephalexin, and Metrogyl (metronidazole) would take care, depending on the organism grown in culture. Longstanding infection could result in future problems like infertility, chronic backache, pain abdomen, adhesions and even irregular menses. The ultrasound would detect any bits of placenta or membranes remaining which could also be a source of infection and bleeding, in which case even a small procedure like a D&C might be needed. You problem needs to be checked out and a definitive diagnosis made before simply starting Duphaston and other such medications.


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