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Is it necessary to take thyronorm before breakfast?

Q: I have been prescribed Thyronorm, which needs to be taken before breakfast. However, I often forget to have it before breakfast and then take it immediately after finishing my breakfast. Will this have a negative impact? Why should Thyronorm be taken before breakfast? I take honey with hot water first thing in the morning, then go for a walk and take Bournvita after that. I take breakfast 1.5 hours after I take Bournvita. Is there a norm that Thyronorm should be at a specific duration before breakfast? Please clarify.

A:Thyronorm is the brand name of a medicine called levo-thyroxine which is given to patients whose thyroid function is impaired. Its absorption is better when taken after overnight fasting. Hence you should take it first thing in the morning (i.e. with honey and hot water that you take daily).


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