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Is it necessary to take the BCG injection during pregnancy?

Q: I am 4 months pregnant. I stay in UK. Which injections (like BCG) should I take for the immunization of my unborn child? My relatives have advised me to take two injections, meant to improve the immunity of the baby, in the 6th and 7th month of pregnancy. I am not sure about these injections. Please advise. Should I ask my general physician for these specifically?

A:I can assure you that antenatal care in the UK is as good as any in the world and you do not need to tell your GP what injections to give you and when! Certainly not based on your relatives anxieties. You do not need BCG in pregnancy. Probably what your relatives here have been given during their pregnancies in India is two shots of TT injections. This is a regional recommendations of WHO specific for India. WHO prescribes it to everyone and we all give it in this country. (though I have not seen a case of neonatal tetanus in the last 20 years or so partly due to a successful immunization programme and partly due to improving conditions under which deliveries are conducted in India now). So please do not get too paranoid and follow your doctors advice. There you will be given whatever is necessary in that country. One favour you can do to yourself is not to discuss your pregnancy with relatives and friends too often to avoid unnecessary anxiety to everyone. If you have any anxieties ask your doctors or read online from this site or the official site of royal college of obstetrics and gynaecology at www.rcog.org.uk. Please have faith in nature which is capable of giving you a normal child without too many injections and precautions.


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