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Is it necessary to remove clothes before a caesarean?

Q: My friend had a delivery through caesarean. She had a very horrifying experience. She was fully stripped before her delivery, although she was given anaesthesia only on the lower part of the body. There were a lot of male helpers in the operating room. Is it necessary to strip the patient before pregnancy? Can the presence of male helpers be avoided? I am carrying a baby myself and don't want to get into this situation.

A:Caesarean section is a major operation. Even though the anaesthesia is given to the lower half, the abdomen is prepped with an antiseptic solution till the rib cage, for which the clothes have to be removed. However, if done sensitively, it can avoid undue embarrassment. Usually, this is done by a female attendant, although it may be impossible to ask all male medical and paramedical personnel to leave the OT room. In your case, you may discuss these concerns with your obstetrician beforehand, so that your embarrassment can be minimised.


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