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Is it necessary to feel baby movements in the seventh month of pregnancy?

Q: I am 7 months pregnant according to calculations done by my doctor. I have been seeing different websites on pregnancy regularly, both Indian and international. I have read that in sixth & seventh month a woman can feel the movements of baby inside the body. Does this happen very frequently? I could feel something inside but its not like movement or any type of kick - as I have read in websites. I got my ultrasound done last month - the reports were normal. I want to know - is it necessary to feel something like kick or heavy movement in seventh month? I check my weight regularly - its normal. According to my doctor the date given to me for delivery is 2.5 months later but ultrasound report says 3 months later. I was having late menses before becoming pregnant - an increase of 7 days for two months before becoming pregnant. The first date of my last menses was 6.5 months ago. What do you think is the date of my delivery?

A:Every pregnant lady has a different perception of baby movements, it is most of the times hard to define by first timers. It helps the doctor if the lady can tell us about baby movements indirectly telling us that the baby is fine. The baby can still be fine inspite of the mother not perceiving movements. You could be a case of delayed conception which can happen. Your doctor can then decide the date of delivery keeping this in mind. You have not mentioned at what stage of pregnancy, the ultrasound was done. Early ultrasounds are more accurate. So long as you complete 37 weeks, the baby is safe to be delivered. Dating is important to decide the date of delivery. The date of delivery is decided by last period.


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