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Is it necessary for my father to undergo kidney transplant?

Q: My father’s creatinine clearance values have been low. He was detected of low creatinine clearance levels 2 months back and has been on ketosteril therapy since then. His recent tests suggest that although there is no improvement in the clearance levels, there is no further deterioration. It seems like the values have stabilised around 6.3. The doctor has advised that he goes for either a dialysis or a transplant. My question is since they have stabilised, is it sufficient to conduct one dialysis to remove the excess creatinine from the blood and then continue treatment with ketosteril to maintain the levels? Please advise.

A:Your father's abnormal creatinine values are a result (and not cause) of his underlying advanced kidney disease. Even though they haven't worsened over some time but nevertheless they reflect an advanced degree of kidney failure (probably less than 10% of kidneys functioning). Regardless of the underlying cause of his kidney disease it seems unlikely that the kidney function will return to normal (I am certain blockage has been ruled out by doing ultrasound). Therefore I concur with your doctor's recommendation that dialysis has become necessary without further delay. Long term goal would be to perform transplantation. Also, it is important to know that dialysis is only a process of removing all the toxins from the blood which kidneys are unable to excrete anymore. Thus it does not correct or cure the underlying disease. In other words, it just a supportive therapy and ongoing dialysis would be necessary.


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