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Is it good to use drugs to treat depression?

Q: I am 55 years old. I had depression, anxiety and panic attacks for a month, so the doctor prescribed some medicine like antidepressants and Zoloft. I had the first one for a week but overcame the problem with my inner strength. Now, I don't feel depressed but at the back of my mind I keep feeling weak. There is a tickling feeling in my ears. I met a neurologist who did x-ray of the spine and said there was a little spasm in my neck. He diagnosed this as cervical spondylosis and prescribed me Mobic and Olfen gel. I am taking this medicine since a week but sometimes I still feel that there is something wrong in my head. In the night too, I have disturbed sleep. What do I do?

A:It is always better, safer and long-lasting to use natural methods to get rid of depression. The more medicines you take, the more side effects are encountered; then still more drugs are pumped to tackle side effects and this process goes on and on. In due course the patient gets hooked to the drugs and then there are withdrawal symptoms when medication is stopped. You can do Yoga also. It has been found to be an effective method. Lots and lots of people around the globe have benefited since Yoga gives you inner strength. Mobic is a pain killer that contains meloxicam. In some patients it can cause dizziness, which can be confused with psychiatric symptoms. Olfen gel contains another pain killer called diclofenac. If possible you can use only Olfen gel since very little is absorbed. Yoga is also useful in cervical spondylosis.


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