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Is it better to take Clonazep or Restyl?

Q: I had a panic attack once and after that I developed the phobia of going out of the house. I have been taking Daxid Sertaline 50 mg and Restyl 0.25 mg 1-0-1 from last 7 months. Now the doctor has told me to discontinue Restyl and has put me on Daxid 50 mgs and Clonazep 0.25 mg 1-0-01. Is Clonazep safe? He has told me to stop Restyl immediately and start Clonazep. Please advise.

A:If your symptoms are under control, then apparently there is no need to change medication. Restyl contains alprazolam while clonazep contains clonazepam. Clonazep is actually meant to control epilepsy but it has some anti-anxiety properties also. Compared to Restyl, Clonazep has far more side effects such as: nervous system disturbances including impaired alertness, depression, ataxia, respiratory depression, loss of memory, addiction, behaviour problems, fatigue, muscle weakness, vertigo. Liver disorders, blood disorders etc. Since one of the side effects is depression, one needs to be very cautious in prescribing this anti-epileptic medicine to psychiatric patients.


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