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Is it advisable to undergo LASIK surgery?

Q: I am a 23 years old male underwent an Orbscan test for my eyes. The doctor has diagnosed posterior keratoconus in the left eye and recommended a LASIK surgery. Left eye suffers -5.50 (spherical), 1.30 cylindrical power and right eye - 5.00 (spherical) and 0.75 cylindrical. I also feel irritation in the left eye. Is it advisable to undergo LASIK surgery?

A:You can go ahead with LASIK surgery, not only it will treat your condition but also get rid of glasses if all goes well. Only thing I will strongly advise you not to rub your eyes at all as this has been blamed for keratokonus.

If the eyes do irritate, use some anti-allergic or lubricant eye drops. Sometimes even washing your eyes with clean water will help you to relieve itching and make you feel better.


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