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Is it advisable to prescribe these antibiotics to children?

Q: My daughter had fever 15 days ago. She was given Bacigal for four days. During this time her fever kept going up and down. After completion of four days, she became normal. Now, again she has fever and was given Sparquin 100, Sparfloxacin and Nimesulide. She has no other symptoms except light stomach ache (once or twice a day). No blood test has been carried out yet. And after two days of drug administration she still has fever between 100-103 F. Only for about 3-4 hours she has normal temperature. Should I continue this treatment? Should the child be administered with Sparquin and Nise? Should I take second opinion?

A:It is not clear whether a qualified doctor has prescribed sparfloxacin and nimesulide (Nise) to your 8 year old daughter. Both sparfloxacin and nimesulide are contraindicated in children. Nimesulide (Nise) is not even allowed to be used in adults in major advanced, western countries such as USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan etc. due to its serious adverse effect on liver even though the drug was discovered in US. Sparfloxacin can cause malformation of bones in growing children and is not used in children. An antibacterial should only be prescribed if there is proven, documented bacterial infection. For lowering fever in children, the drug of choice is paracetamol (Crocin). Your child could have some form of viral infection where no antibiotic is useful. It is best to go on giving paracetamol (Crocin) for 4-5 days at an interval of 5-6 hours. The very fact that during the day at some stage the temperature touches normal, shows the absence of serious bacterial infection.


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