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Is insulin better than drugs for diabetics?

Q: My mother is suffering from diabetes along with hypertension for the last 6-7 years. Previously she used to take medicines like Metgli 2, Glynase, Pioglar etc. along with a few drugs for high blood pressure. Presently our consulting physician started giving Insulin - Human Mixtard (15 ml in the morning & 15 ml in the evening) and stopped all diabetes tablets. My mother has some injection phobia. Shall be grateful if you could let me know how long she has to continue Insulin? Is there any alternative?

A:Insulin is a standard, effective and safe way to treat diabetes. The natural history of type 2 diabetes (the kind your mother has) results in a progressive decline in beta cell (pancreatic) function. Tablets work only when there is some amount of insulin being produced in the body. It is usual, therefore, to stop responding to tablets, after some years.


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