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Is incompetent cervix a hereditary problem?

Q: My 35 years old pregnant sister is having an incompetent cervix. After 22 weeks of her pregnancy 75% cervix was open. Now she is on bed rest and the doctor has refused to stitch the cervix at this stage. I am also having incompetent cervix and had 2 abortions. Is it a hereditary problem? What should be our next line of action? Please advise.

A:Incompetent cervix can be hereditary and occur in siblings - also if that is the case then other uterine abnormalities like a double / septate / arcuate uterus needs to be ruled out by an x-ray called a hysterosalpingography (to be done after pregnancy is over). This is done by injecting a dye in the uterus and taking pictures to make sure it is normal outline of the uterine cavity. A funnelling at the mouth of the uterus indicates an incompetent cervix. The treatment is by a stitch at the 14th week of pregnancy, which is then removed at 37 weeks of pregnancy, if all goes well.


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