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Is hysterectomy to treat fibroids advisable for an anaemic female?

Q: I am 43 years old and have 3 children. I have been diagnosed with anaemia with a haemoglobin level of 7.7 gm. I have 3 fibroid - sub serous and intramural fibroids. I also suffer from heavy bleeding for 10-12 days every month. Can you advise me the treatment for fibroids? Is hysterectomy advisable for me as I am anaemic? Could you also advise me the diet for treating anaemia? I cannot take any oral supplements, as I am allergic to allopathic medicines? I am undergoing treatment for fibroids through homeopathy. My left ovary was removed due to ovarian cysts 12 years back. Please suggest a natural food diet for treating anaemia and do advise regarding hysterectomy.

A:At 43 years of age, having completed your family, I think the bleeding problems you are suffering from and the fibroids, which you have mentioned, it may be a good idea to consider hysterectomy. There is no medication, which can treat fibroids. Medicines can be effective to minimise the blood loss but cannot get rid of fibroids. There is another option of myomectomy (removing fibroids) and retaining the uterus. This option is not what I would recommend in your situation. This is because it is likely that the fibroids may recur (although less likely) which may mean needing another operation in future. Your anaemia could be secondary to the bleeding you are having presumably because of fibroids. After hysterectomy your bleeding should stop and the anaemia should correct itself. Try to eat a healthy diet especially rich in iron. Green leafy vegetables should be helpful.


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