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Is hydroureteronephrosis a serious condition?

Q: My husband is 54 years old. He went for a master health check up 2 months ago. The ultrasound of the whole abdomen stated that left hydroureteronephrosis. The doctor did not say anything, but the word sounds that all is not well. I feel that there is something abnormal about the kidney. He is in good health, he's not a diabetic, does not have cholesterol, no high BP etc. He goes for regular walks, maintains weight of 75 kg. He doesn't feel anything wrong. What is this condition? Which doctor should I refer to? Is this the only medical terminology and can it be ignored? What should be his diet?

A:The term "Hydroureteronephrosis" is defined as dilation of ureter and the part of kidney connecting with the ureter (ureter is the part of the urinary tract which connects kidney, located anatomically above to the bladder below). It points towards an obstruction at any level of the urinary tract (involving ureter, bladder or urethra), possibly arising from common conditions including stone, stricture, growth or an anatomical defect. Although, Hydroureteronephrosis most often presents with signs and symptoms based on the duration and severity of the obstruction, one can come across this condition as an incidental finding upon imaging test as in your husband’s case. It is advisable to get a thorough examination through a series of tests (including radionuclide imaging tests) to evaluate the anatomy and function of the urinary tract including left kidney. This could be performed by any Urologist in your city.


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