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Is Hepatogard useful for an enlarged liver?

Q: My mother, 56 years old, has an enlarged liver. She has been prescribed to take Hepatogard. Can you please tell me as to what this medicine is for and its functions?

A:"Enlarged liver" is a sign and not a disease. There are at least two dozens, if not more, causes of enlargement of liver. Hence, unless the root cause of enlargement is determined, no treatment is possible. Hepatogard is the brand name for a cocktail of certain ingredients of plant origin. Since it is not a modern medicine, it is not subject to prior clinical trials to establish its efficacy and safety. Hence, I am unable to comment on it except to say that as per Supreme Court judgment of 1996, no allopathic doctor is permitted to prescribe such products. Not following SC orders can land the prescriber in serious trouble with the law apart from being hauled up in Consumer Court for compensation by the patients.


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