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Is heaviness and pain in the breast before periods normal?

Q: I am 27 years old. From the past 3 years, just before my periods I have a small lump in my right breast and also there is heaviness and pain in my breast. I was diagnosed as having fibrocyst of the breast. I was given vitamin E tablets. The problem still persists. I want to know if it will effect breast feeding in future? I have white discharge every month for some days. There is itching initially but later it subsides. How do I get rid of it? Will I have any problem in conceiving due to this?

A:Pain and heaviness of the breasts before periods are natural, just that some women have more than others. Fibrocystic condition of the breast is not a disease, it only means that your breasts are generally a little lumpy. This is natural for many women. It will not effect breast feeding. A little white discharge from the nipple is also not unnatural and it will not interfere with your pregnancy. But if the discharge is blood stained, then you should see a doctor.


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