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Is ginseng good for diabetics?

Q: Is Chinese ginseng good for diabetics? How many tablets can a diabetic patient take? I have read that it is good for health. Please advise.

A:Many herbs might be of minor benefit in diabetes. Thus ginseng could be (which does not mean 'is') of minor and therefore insignificant value but only if combined with conventional dietary and medication management. There is some evidence in favour of cactus leaves and there is some benefit in using the herb stevia as a food sweetener in the overall dietary approach. It is unlikely that ginseng is of benefit since this herb has been studied more than any other and no major value has been established. If ginseng was of true value there would be sufficient evidence of the need for this popular herb, and it would have become established as a standard therapy. The fact that it is not so used is a resounding tribute to its lack of value in diabetes.


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