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Is fetal reduction in case of triplets advisable?

Q: My wife is 7 weeks pregnant with triplets after having undergone IUI treatment since she suffers from PCOS. She is 33 years old. We have been advised to go in for selective reduction of at least one fetus. Is the procedure safe and when is the right time to get it done and where can I get more information regarding the same? She has to take Susten and I have heard that this is bad but ok for her since her hormonal balance is out of sync?

A:Fetal reduction in case of triplets is a controversial topic, as the risks of abortion due to the procedure as well as complications of having 1 dead fetus within the uterus are present. However, chances for complications due to multifetal pregnancy with twins are less than with triplets. Susten is definitely indicated in your wife's case, and is being routinely used in similar cases without adverse effects on fetus. You can request your own obstetrician who has advised fetal reduction for details of the procedure and related websites.


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