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Is Envas 10 an effective drug for high blood pressure?

Q: I am having high blood pressure in the range of 160-120 mmHg. I am taking Envas 10 from Cadila. I am 42 years old. I want to know is this the right medicine to control the blood pressure?

A:If your blood pressure is controlled and brought down to 135/84 mmHg or so, with enalapril (sold under various brand names such as BQL, Enam, Envas, etc.) 10 mg once daily, then it is fine. If not, then you would need to increase the dose to 10 mg two times daily. If still it is not controlled, then it would be necessary to add a diuretic such as metolazone (sold as Metoz) 2.5 mg once daily in the morning. In addition, non-drug methods such as salt restriction and moderate exercise (brisk walk for 45 minutes to cover no less than 4.5 km) will be necessary.


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