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Is elective c-section safe?

Q: I am a 27 years old woman into my 37th week of my first pregnancy. My baby is in breech position. I have succenturiate placenta (two lobes). My gynaecologist has asked me to go for elective c-section in 38th week. Why is my baby’s head not turning down? Is there any chance of it turning down in coming days? Is it safe to go for elective c-section at 38th week before my labour start?

A:Breech presentation is seen in nearly 4% of pregnant population. Although there are known conditions leading to breech presentation such as polyhydramnios (excessive fluid around the baby), septa in the uterus (which is a congenital condition - but not much to worry about!), fibroids in the uterus, etc. Most of the times there is no obvious reason. My advice therefore is not to worry about 'why the baby is not head down'.

It is unlikely that it will turn now. If it had to turn, it would have done so by 36 - 37 weeks. After that it is highly unlikely to turn.

It is safe to deliver the baby at 38 weeks? Caesarean section is the preferred option. You can have your baby delivered even if you have not gone in labour. The baby is (absolutely) ready to come out and do well after 38 weeks.


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