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Is Diane 35 a good drug for treating polycystic ovarian disease?

Q: I am a 25 years old female. I was diagnosed with PCOD eight years back and have been under treatment for the same since then. Every time I am asked to take hormonal pills for a period of less than a year. My cycles do get regular but again after a span of 5-6 months, they become irregular. Currently, I have been asked to take Diane 35 for 6 months. My doctor says that no one has given me this medicine before so I may benefit with this. My thyroid profile, blood glucose, hemoglobin levels are normal but LH and FSH are a bit high. I am afraid if I will ever conceive. I have lost most of my hair, my breasts sag and have put on weight also. I weigh 61 kg now. What do I do?

A:There is no way out, but to take some form of medication right now- including hormones. Yes, Diane 35 is good if you have slight excess hair as well. Also, with this tablet you do not tend to put on weight. However, it is important for you to exercise and be disciplined regarding a weight reducing diet. With depression, some people eat excessively, and put on more weight- that makes it a vicious cycle- because again you lose self esteem and get more depressed. Women with PCOS do have slight problem in conceiving spontaneously- but there are drugs for ovulation induction. Another good drug for PCOS- for regularizing cycles is Yasmin or Tarana or Janya.


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