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Is delayed crying at birth linked to convulsions?

Q: My two months old son is suffering from two problems - hypocalcaemia and cord around the neck. He was delivered normally & weighs 3.5 kg. He didn't cry at the time of birth and convulsion was noticed. After that he was immediately admitted in ICU. During the treatment, the convulsions stopped. The ultrasonography of brain showed a minor hemorrhage. The baby is still not crying. How can my son be treated?

A:Cord around the neck, delayed cry at birth, hypocalcemia and convulsions are adverse factors in the newborn. But what is important is the severity of symptoms, how many days did he have convulsions, and how was his activity. Having said that, what assumes significance now is the developmental milestones, and reflexes. Are they age appropriate, and is the head circumference growing normally. If the child has had no more convulsions, then stopping the medications could be considered. His development will need to be periodically monitored.


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