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Is corneal abrasion curable?

Q: Recently, I had corneal abrasion in my left eye caused by finger poking by my son. I was rushed to the emergency and given local anaesthesia and dye was applied to see the magnitude. The corneal abrasion was of the size of 70 mm and took 4 days to heal. However, as of now I am having blurred vision and have been prescribed Ciplox tube, Refresh Tears and Dexoren-S (for clearing the whiteness). I am worried whether or not I will be able to see clearly with my left eye or not? The doctor says my eye will be fine in a couple of days. I am 30 years old.

A:Even if superficial corneal abrasion has healed, the basement membrane may take several months to heal. For this reason I would recommend you to use refresh tears or a lubricating eye ointment every night before you go to sleep for several months & never rub your eyes otherwise the abrasion will peel off again and again. At present your wounds incomplete healing as well as previous medication is giving you blurred vision.


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