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Is congenital myopathy curable and can it pass to my children?

Q: I am 21 years old. My grandfather, mother, her brother and I are all victims of congenital myopathy. My mother, uncle and I got it as hereditary. The problem with all of us is that we were born weak and as we progressed we grew weaker. My grandfather started facing serious problems at the age of 50, my uncle at around 40 and my mother around 35. As per the trend, the age at which the disease takes on the victim is advancing. My brother is perfect, my uncle’s children too don't have a problem. Is there any cure for this that science offers? Can we predict the age at which the problem will really take over me? Can it be predicted if my progeny will suffer with this?

A:I regret to say there is no good treatment for congenital myopathy. The nature of your myopathy is unclear. Some myopathies show anticipation i.e. the next generation gets disease earlier than previous but it is unlikely you have one of those. I fear there is no treatment and we cannot predict when you will get severe problems. By your history it is likely that about half your progeny will get the abnormal trait. All those with the trait may not get the symptoms.


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