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Is chronic epididymitis curable?

Q: I am a 32 years old male having slight pain in my right testicle with radiation for last few years. I also had few episodes of swelling next to the testicle. Recently the doctor told me that it could be chronic epididymitis, which is resulting in pain and swelling. He also said that it can spread to other testicle and would lead to infertility if not treated. Is it treatable? What are the possible treatments?m

A:Apart from the local pathological causes, testicular pain with radiation may occur from ureteric stones and bladder neck conditions like prostatitis and bladder stones. Local conditions with mild testicular discomfort could occur with fluid collection (hydrocele) or varicocele (fullness of veins with blood filling), thickening of cord and epididymitis, inflammation of structures close to testis. Since you seem to be suffering from the condition since more than ten years, one of the conditions we would worry about is tubercular epididymitis, which needs to be excluded. You need to see an urologist for proper examination and investigations to exclude any treatable disease, and get rid of your pain.


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