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Is chloroform easily available over the counter?

Q: Is it possible to undergo liposuction without injecting anaesthesia? Is it enough if the surgeon just covers the person's nose by pouring little chloroform on a cloth? My pet dog is very hairy. When I try and cut his hair, it bites. I would like to purchase chloroform for this cause. How much does it cost? Once I put chloroform on its nose, will it remember what happened to him after he gets up from the unconscious state? After purchasing chloroform, I would like the dog to be unconscious for atleast 3 hours, i.e. for hair cutting. So how much drops of chloroform should I pour on the cloth?

A:Due to the possibility of misuse in criminal activities, chloroform is not permitted to be sold either online or even personally, except those who are permitted to do so. Furthermore normally chloroform is no longer used as a general anaesthetic.


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