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Is cervix stitching advisable in a twin pregnancy?

Q: My 29 years old wife is 5 months pregnant with twins. Her cervix length is 2.9 as per the sonography report. The doctor said that she has some fungal infections in the vagina and has prescribed Duvadilan retard twice a day for 16 days and Cansoft insertion for 6 days. The following week the doctor said that stitching of the cervix would be required. Is the diagnosis and line of treatment correct? Can't we avoid the stitching of the cervix? We intend to have the delivery in South India and can she travel after a month of stitching? Is it necessary to take Duvadilan retard? Please advise.

A:For the twin pregnancy, there is an increased risk of preterm labour. If the cervix has reduced in length, the Duvadilan may help taken for 10-15 days along with rest. The Duvadilan is not advised if there is any anaemia or low blood pressure. The cervical stitching is not of much proven benefit in stopping labour in twins although it has been tried, also it may not be totally free of risk of starting the labour as well. A follow up ultrasound to study cervical length as well as the size of the internal os - or opening of the cervix needs to be done to see if there really is a need for any stitch. Travel in the second trimester for twins is safe if the travel is short and free of too many jerks and stimulation - air travel would be safest - if it has to be done - for a long distance.


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