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Is caesarean delivery safe?

Q: My wife is with her first pregnancy after infertility treatment and is expected to deliver next week. She is on Thionorm (50mg). On 30th week, ultrasound revealed everything normal (pelvis adequate, anterior plugging and cervix projected towards back). Some amount of albumin has been observed in urine. Doctor has recommended visiting on the due date if she feels normal. She has to take Castor Oil on the day to have pain. Blood pressure is normal (measuring daily last 15 days). No heart related issues. (1) If she does not get pain after having castor oil, would normal delivery be possible or caesarean is recommended? (2) Is caesarean delivery a risk for my wife (was under treatment of infertility) for future pregnancy?

A:There are other ways to initiate labour on the due date. Do you have a particular risk in mind? Caesarean section is a routine operation and can be carried out quite safely in modern obstetrics. Subsequent pregnancy is not a problem just because the mode of previous delivery is caesarean.


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