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Is autoimmune hepatitis curable?

Q: What is autoimmune hepatitis? Is it curable? I have detected for abnormal SGOT/SGPT and bilirubin 4.5 years ago. At that time all other tests were negative like HCV, HIV, Australia Antigen, etc. Thereafter taking tablet VALIV/Vadeliv for about 5 months, it become normal. 2 years ago, again SGPT/SGOT and bilirubin were detected very high. All tests done again like HCV/Australia Antigen were non reactive. But in one test, Antinuclear Antibody shown positive (Dilution 1:40), last year, but later tested in different lab after 2 months, it shows negative. But SGPT/SGOT and bilirubin were very high. After taking nearly for 10 month URSOFLAK it came to normal. Also I had undergone a LIVER BIOPSY, which showed FATTY INFILTRATION WITH MILD STEATO HEPATITIS. I did not have pain but I had little giddiness and used to have lot of water; if I stop drinking water, my urine is hazy yellowish. My doctor says its fatty liver, but now I have started exercise also. Sometime I am getting mild pain right side of stomach and like prickling sensation for few seconds. Also the problem of the urine is same but is stopped now taking medicine. I do not drink alcohol regularly, only occasionally that too mostly beer. I stopped alcohol and non-veg foods. I am now divorced - my married life lasted only for 3 months and no children. I have had no sex with other women. And I am getting faint when I get very weak or if I see blood. Since now I do not have a job for the last one year, I am afraid of my future. Please advise.

A:It does not look like you have autoimmune hepatitis. The ANA level of 1:40 is very nonspecific, besides your liver biopsy did not show any hepatitis. The most likely problem is fatty liver. You should try to maintain your weight based on your height. Also get yourself tested for diabetes and serum lipid levels and if these are abnormal, you should receive appropriate treatment. Fatty liver is mostly a benign problem and you should not worry about it. Lead a normal life with regular physical activity (walks, sports).


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