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Is Asthalin safe for a 2 months old child?

Q: Is the medicine Asthalin safe for my 2 months old son? It has been prescribed for his cold, which he has since the past 10 days and is not taking feed except when on tusq medicine. Is a chest X-ray needed and safe for him?

A:Asthalin is the brand name of a medicine called salbutamol used in asthma. If the diagnosis is cold, then Asthalin is not required. Tusq drops contain several medicines: chlorpheniramine, phenylpropanolamine (PPA) and paracetamol. One of its ingredients i.e. PPA is globally banned since its side effects can be dangerous. If the child is responding to Tusq, then it should be replaced with Sinarest Drops (0.2 ml) 2-3 times daily since this product does not contain PPA. If the nose is blocked I suggest you put one Sinarest Vapocaps in boiling water (steam) near the bed in the room where the infant sleeps. Infants are unable to take milk if their nose is blocked and they cannot breathe. If steam inhalation with Sinarest Vapcaps solves the problem, there is no need to take any medicine by mouth.


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