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Is a person with vision loss eligible for a government job?

Q: I am a 20 years old boy and I lost eyesight in my left eye due to an accident when I was a year old. I am an electrical engineering student. Am I eligible for any government job and if not, which job would best suit me? Besides, my right eye has myopia with a power of -3.5. Will this combined with loss of vision in the left eye entitle me to any benefit for the physically/visually handicapped?


  1. Yes. You are eligible for government job.
  2. Vision in one eye only with myopia 3.5 and an engineering degree is not a lamentable condition. You can be suitable for many vocations in government or private sector or as a self-employed person.
  3. You are eligible for physical handicap benefit in terms of section 33 of the PWD ACT, 1995 [The Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995], which is reproduced below.
Every appropriate government shall appoint in every establishment such percentage of vacancies not less than three per cent, for persons or class of persons with disability of which one per cent, each shall be reserved for persons suffering from -
  1. Blindness or low vision;
  2. Bearing impairment;
  3. Locomotor disability or cerebral palsy, in the posts identified for each disability:
Provided that the appropriate government may, having regard to the type of work carried on in any department or establishment, by notification subject to such conditions, if any, as may be specified in such notification, exempt any establishment from the provisions of this section.


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