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Is a high leukocyte count normal during pregnancy?

Q: I am a 33 years old female into my seventh month of pregnancy. My latest CBC indicates that my leukocyte count is close to 13000 and that my lymphocyte count is 17% (differential % leukocyte count). Is my leukocyte count high? Also my Hb count 10.8 g/dl, which I feel is really low. My doctor told me that I have developed some infection. However, I don't see any open manifestation of the same in the form of fever or a wound. Is it worrisome? The doctor gave me antibiotics for five days. What's wrong with me?

A:The total leukocyte count, particularly the neutrophils, are elevated during pregnancy and levels may reach twice the normal values. A count of 13000/microlitre does not appear to be alarming but has to considered along with clinical profile. The lymphocyte count is stated to be 17% and TLC close to 13000; the absolute lymphocyte count therefore, is 2210 and this is within reference range (i.e. Normal value).


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