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Is a fetal echo scan necessary during pregnancy?

Q: I am 22 weeks pregnant, 31 years old, and just had my second ultrasound scan. The doctor has now asked me to get a fetal echo done. I checked with some other pregnant friends but they don't seem to be getting this done. I just want to know how is this done and what is the purpose of this? We tried conceiving for over one and a half years, and then finally conceived with a 5-day dose of fertility medicine corresponding with follicular study. The pregnancy so far has been fine. Also, could you also tell me how much calcium intake is required at this stage?

A:Fetal echo is another form of an ultrasound scan, usually done by cardiologists, to evaluate the baby's heart in detail. It is only done in specific conditions -e.g. if the pregnant woman is a diabetic or has congenital heart disease. You need to consult your doctor regarding the indication for this test in your case. You need to take 3 cups of milk at this stage of your pregnancy. You are also underweight, and you need to improve your diet.


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