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Insuli inhalers for diabetics

Q: I am 17 years old and suffering from diabetes for last 4 years. I have heard about the insulin inhalers and want to know if they are available in the market. Are there any hopes of getting rid of insulin in the near future?

A:I fully understand your problem and your predicament. It can never be pleasant to have to take four injections of insulin every day. And yet this does guarantee your health and if you manage the diabetes properly as I am sure you will, good treatment helps to prevent complications in the future. I am sorry to have to inform you that inhaled insulin is not yet commercially available and still under trial. Its use is not entirely straight-forward and even when the trials are complete it will probably be used in preference to begin with for people with Type 2 diabetes. I should add that if the injections really do upset you it is possible to take three injections if they are with appropriate insulin types and timings and that the control achieved in that way can be just as good.


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