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Infantile Myoclonic Epilepsy

Q: My son is 1 year old and since birth he is suffering from myoclonic epilepsy. MRI and EEG have been done every 3-4 months, but no improvement has taken place so far. He is being given syrup Valtec 3.5 ml-3 ml-3.5 ml (total 10 ml) a day. This has increased slowly to 10 ml from 4 ml a day, from the age of 4 months. His fits are around 40-50 times a day. As they are not controlled the drug dose is increased and this has been continuing. At present even by giving 10 ml the condition is unchanged. 1. What should be given to control fits? 2. Is there any treatment in the world or India for myoclonic epilepsy? 3. He has still not started to sit, will he ever sit or stand or walk?

A:This appears to be infantile myoclonic epilepsy. Valproate is a good drug but it clearly is not successful. There are several other good drugs for this condition including: ACTH Inj., Spasil, and Toperamate and it would be desirable for you to see a neurologist or a good pediatrician. In the meantime start Toperamate (Tab Topaz or Topirol) 25 mg 1/2 twice a day; observed for 6 days if not better, increase to 1 tab twice a day. Inform me what happens. It is certain we can reduce the jerks. The mental state will depend on what his condition is at present and the cause of the problem e.g. birth difficulty, hereditary etc.


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