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Increase in sperm count after varicocele operation

Q: We are married for 2 years but are yet to have a child. We both got tested, I underwent Tube Test and found that the uterus was normal. Hormone test was done which too was normal. Then my husband got tested. The Semen analysis was done 4 to 5 times. The analysis is as follws : 1st time - 15 million, 2nd time - 12 million, 3rd time - 5 million, 4the time - 3 million. This was done within a gap of 3 months. Ultra sound scanning was done and found that there is a mild varicocele on the left and it has to be operated. Doctor here is of the opinion that after operation counts may increase by 50% and another 50% may be increased by injections and tablets. Now at this time I want to know whether it would right to go for operation as I heard that if the counts are 3 million the operation is not successful. Please advise me in this matter please as I am very depressed by this.

A:Infertility is a complex problem but the solution may be very simple. In your case it is difficult to comment on contribution of the minimal varicocele in declining sperm counts. However, if your specialist is certain of the diagnosis of varicocele, there is no harm in getting it corrected. What you require is the help of an infertility specialist who could review both of you in terms of totality. In view of your reports I would not recommend you losing hope, there is a pretty good chance. Take it easy and do what your specialist advises you to.


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