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Inability to conceive

Q: I have been married for the past 3 years and have been having intercourse with my wife at an average rate of twice a month. We do not have any children till now and my semen analysis showed the following results: Volume - 3 ml Appearance- opaque Viscosity - Normal Self Liquefication - within 30 minutes Sperm Count - 95 Motility on liquification - 70% Motility after 1 hour - 60% Motility after 2 hours - 60% Motility after 3 hours - 55% Grade of Motility - At Liquefication, 50% actively motile, 20% sluggishly motile, 30% non-motile Abnormal forms - 10%Pus Cells - 1-2/hpf Epithelial cells - occassional Red blood cells - absent, Trichmonas - absent. Please let me know if my semen profile has anything wrong due to which my wife is not able to conceive.

A:Your semen report seems to be normal. It is important to have intercourse in mid cycle - i.e. count 14 days backwards from the expected date of next period of your wife. That is the day of ovulation. Have sex 2 days before and after this date, including that day. You can have sex on alternate days also. She can see a gynecologist for follicular monitoring so that exact day of ovulation can be found out on ultrasound. Your wife too should be investigated.


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