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If my friend gets an abortion, will she have problems later?

Q: My girlfriend is pregnant with my child. We got to know this today. We thought of getting it aborted but the problem is that she has A- blood group and the doctor says that it would be near impossible for her to conceive later. Also, please let us know that if she gets an abortion done now, will there be problems later? Will the medical reports reveal that she's had an abortion? We want to hide it from everyone. We cannot accept the child as she is already married to some other person and this would be her first child. She is medically fit and her age is 24. Please reply ASAP.

A:Rh isoimmunisation in the woman develops following a pregnancy, whether she has an abortion or a delivery. this happens when the woman is Rh Negative and the fetus is Rh Positive (which can only happen if the partner/biological father is Rh Positive). This immunization and potential threat to future pregnancies can be prevented by a simple Injection of Anti D following a delivery or an abortion and one injection in the seventh month of pregnancy. If she does not take this shot, the risk of isoimmunisation is there and this may affect future Rh Positive pregnancies after they have reached 5 months or more but does not cause infertility in the sense that it does not prevent conception. But yes there can be problems in future pregnancies only if you do not take this injection at abortion. There are no guarantees in medicine but one shot following the abortion in the right dose and if the medicine is of a good quality will prevent any such problem. There is no logic in not aborting because she is A Negative. If the partner is also Rh Negative, there is no problem at all but even if you or any other partner is Rh Positive there is cause for worry and she will have to take the an anti D Injection after the abortion which anyone who perform the termination will give. There is no need to worry at all. To repeat once more, if it makes it any more clear, it has no bearing on future conceptions at all, however there may be complications if you are Rh Positive and she does not take the Anti D injection. So please take your decisions about this pregnancy as it is a personal matter between you and her but you need not worry at all on account of future pregnancies if you take adequate medical treatment and Anti D injection. Like always in an abortion which is your personal matter, no one who you do not want to tell needs to know and any permanent change may be because of her not taking the injection Anti D. Anyway you do not have to worry at all on this account if done properly.


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