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I was born with cataract, how can I improve my vision?

Q: I was born with a cataract and immediately had surgery to remove it. I am considered legally blind in that eye, but still see undefined objects. Since it was so long ago, I was wondering if there was any new technology that could help me see clearly again?

A:When you are born with cataract, the surgery has to be done preferably within 3 months of age otherwise the eye develops amblyopia (lazy eye) and later, inspite, of so called successful surgery, the vision never improves properly. If both eyes have cataract it is even more important to have operation before three months of age otherwise child develops Nystagmus i.e. wandering eyes. So not only vision is very poor but it looks bad as well. The main problem here is even if rest of the eye is OK after this operation, the retina and brain cells associated with vision never develops functionally, although, anatomically it may be normal. In your case if you have established in consultation with an eye specialist now that the operation with implant was successful, you may try to use that eye as much as possible to stimulate the retina and brain cells to force it to improve like patching however there is little hope of any significant improvement.


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