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I have tachycardia, will there be problems in my pregnancy?

Q: I am 41 years old and 9 weeks pregnant. I have tachycardia (high pulse) of about 120 to 130 from last year and have low BP 90/68 or 100/70 which is very rare. Can you please inform me if I will have problems in pregnancy later or at the time of delivery? How serious is the problem? Shall appreciate if you can revert back on the same immediately as here in Dubai I have no answer to my high pulse problem. I will be thankful.

A:I do not think the relatively fast heart rate should be a problem as long as you have had a cardiac evaluation and there is no underlying disease. An echocardiographic evaluation should be a safe method of investigation. Other causes of fast heart rate like hyperthyroidism should also be considered. I think you should be seen by a physician if you have not had an evaluation in the past. BP levels mentioned by you are ok.


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