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I have PCOS and irregular periods, will I concieve?

Q: I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and irregular periods right from my puberty. Is PCOS to be treated? Sometimes, I do not get my periods even after 100 days. I am not pregnant and the doctor gave me Primulotin to induce bleeding. Is it O.K if I dont get my periods in the long run? When I dont get my periods for long, my whole body starts paining, especially my thighs. I had my first child after a year and now we want a second one. The doctor has given me Fertyl 50 for ovulation and is monitoring it through follicle study and this is the second month of the study. What are the chances of my pregnancy? My spouse has undergone a semen analysis which shows active mobile sperms 30% and sluggish and non-mobile each 35% What are the steps I have to take after ovulation? After the follicle ruptures, for how many hours/days will it be fertile?

A:The polycystic ovaries will remain with you for lifetime. Your periods may remain irregular. Control your diet and exercise. Keep your weight under control. You can keep watch on ovulation by follicular studies - with ovulation induction using Clomiphere citrate or Letrozole tablets from D5-9 of periods. During the time of ovulation, either have relations or go in for an intrauterine insemination (IUI). You can take progesterone support after ovulation. The egg usually survives for around 24 hours after rupture.


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