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I have high blood pressure at a young age, what do I do?

Q: I am a 18 year old girl and have high blood pressure which was found three years back from that time onward i have been taking tablets: supradyn and stamblobeta. Are there any side effects going to happen as I move forward in life and moreover how can I stop taking tablets. There is one more question I have a flow of a white jelly kind liquid along with my urine or sometimes it comes out like that is their some kind of infection in my kidney and if yes then should I go for any tests, moreover how can I stop this flow of liquid.

A:In such a young age, normally the blood pressure is due to secondary reasons such as kidney problem, pheochromocytoma, Cushings syndrome, diabetes, lipid disorders etc. If not already done so, your doctor should find out the reason behind your high blood pressure. The primary (also called essential, idiopathic) high BP is usually in older people. The treatment for primary and secondary high BP is different. There is a strong possibility that you may have kidney infection. Hence you should consult a doctor and get your kidney function tests done such as urine routine examination, serum creatinine and blood urea etc. Supradyn is a multi-vitamin and has no role in control of BP. It is difficult to know as to why you are taking Supradyn. Stamlo Beta is a combination product that contains two drugs: atenolol (25 or 50 mg) and amlodipine (5mg). Good clinical practice does not favour combination products because doses can not be adjusted. Besides an attempt must be made to control BP with just one medicine. Only when treatment with one medicine fails should one use two drugs. Use of multiple drugs has many disadvantages such as additive side effects etc. In your case one can start with amlodipine alone 5mg daily (sold under the brand name of Amlodac) and increase to 10 mg daily if necessary. Only when the response is inadequate after 15 days or so, should one add another medicine such as atenolol (sold under the trade name of Aten) 50 mg daily and wait for 15 days to see the response. If the response is still not adequate, then one can increase the dose of atenolol to 10 mg daily. This step up approach is clinically rational. However, the cause of your BP must first be established so that some disease is not missed. In the event of some problem in the kidney or renal function, the cause must be treated immediately.


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